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Athens & Napholi, Greece

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In the morning we collected a hire car and headed towards Napholi.  On the way we stopped to photograph the Korinth Canal.  This is a deep cravasse at the bottom of which is a canal.  Later we headed to Napholi and found a very nice guest house in the old town.

Athens, Greece

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Today started by taking the walking tour around the centre of Athens.  First stop was a visit to the Royal Palace.  This is guarded by two men wearing traditional costumes.  They stand perfectly still for a while and then perform a bizarre march across the terrace in front of the palace.  We then walked past the church of the metamorphosis to an idyllic square and church called St Catherines.

Later we met Nick (Coventry University friend) and Irene outside of the metro at the University.  They took us to a nice restaurant on the sea front where we had octopus, calamari and cod.  Afterwards at about 1am we went to a cafe that served sweet deserts and coffee.

Athens, Greece

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Had a lazy start today.  Caught the underground to the Acropolis.  The underground was surprisingly new and shiny.  After walking to the Acropolis we found that the workers were still on strike and as a consequence, the Acropolis was closed.  This seems to be a frequent event with site openings being unpredictable.  We walked down around the Acropolis and then on the Hadrians Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.  After this we descended the Acropolis hill past the Agora.  Afterwards we went to the Roman Agora and the Tower of Winds.  This was built by a Syrian astrologist and is octagonal with each face showing a sundial and indication of the weather.

Greece 25th April 2003 – 3rd May 2003

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Traveled from Heathrow to Athens.  Took the bus from the new Athens airport to the centre of Athens.  Staying at the St george Lycabettus Hotel.  Walked the steep climb to Agios Giorgios on top of hill.  Took some pictures of the Acropolis in daylight.  We later returned in darkness as today is Greek Easter and all the churches hold Greek Orthodox ceremonies by candle light.  As we got closer to the top of the hill we could hear the melodic chanting.  Later, a flower laden icon was paraded around and everyone followed with candles which frequently blew out in the wind.  For some reason, all of the flags were hung at half mast.  We suspect this is due to the death of Christ.