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Fluffy Felt

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James has developed a strong appetite for all things creative. We spent nearly £10 on craft materials last weekend and he spent the subsequent week cutting and sticking. It could turn into an expensive hobby at this rate. He has made all manner of pictures from cut out pieces of cardboard so I decided it was time that we moved on to a new craft. Having bought an armful of rainbow coloured merino wool tops we decided to try our hand at felt making. James was quick to follow instructions and was soon perfectly laying down the wool ready for the fun bit of squashing it and turning it into felt. Our first attempt was a nice thick piece of felt that was still a tiny bit too fluffy in the middle. The second time we produced a much more delicate piece of felt which was a little too thin. In ‘three bears’ style, I’m sure the next attempt will be just right!!

James making spearmint and turquoise felt

James making spearmint and turquoise felt

Last day of January

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We woke up on Saturday morning (the last day of January) thinking that spring may have arrived early. The sky was mostly blue and the sun was even shining a little warmly. Right, time to do some jobs in the garden we all thought. We moved the asparagus roots to the new vegetable area and dug up the remains of beetroots and carrots which had overwintered as we had neglected to dig them all up last Autumn.

James and Alice amused themselves on the transport in the garden. Alice seems to like riding on and in things right now. She loves to sit on the floating motorbike and horse in the swimming pool even though she is freezing cold and she enjoys being pushed around on the land based toys. Both of them are making their best effort to smile here but have ended up looking like they have cheekily done something naughty!

James and Alice enjoy their first rides of the year

All birds welcome

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Daddy’s Christmas present this time included a bird box camera. I resisted the temptation to buy a ready made kit and instead opted for a package that included the camera and wiring, but required the box to be made. Daddy has spent the last week or so constructing a luxury home for our birds to live in. James chose the paint for the outside and we now have a lovely inviting home for our feathered friends. It will eventually reside on our pear tree and hopefully will be able to have a few months weathering before nesting season.

Bird Box with HandyKam

Bird Box with HandyKam

Nearly walking

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Alice has spent the last couple of weeks eagerly wanting to spend more and moe time on her feet. There is clearly a sense of achievement as she drags herself up from around your ankles to your knees and indicates that she wants you to hold her hands as she walks back and forth through the house. Last night she advanced from holding two hands to walk along to just needing one. She also delights each evening in quickly scampering upstairs whilst James is in bed to spend some time amusing him.

He’s my brother!

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As it turns out, George isn’t just a special friend, he’s James’s new brother. Apparently he was born just a few days ago complete with tummy button, two eyes, a forehead and a mouth. You may wonder how George was actually born – James is adament that he came out of his tummy via a hole at the top of his left leg.

I feel like a bad parent having left George at home this morning whilst we went swimming. George now has a special place next to James in bed. I think that the space between fiction and reality is becoming a little blurred!!

Alice meanwhile is never happier than when she is making the biggest possible mess. Take breakfast this morning for instance, she thought muesli and yogurt would make a great hair conditioner.

Alice makes a mess!

George the wood man joins the family!

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Whenever any kind of toy attachment seems to arise, my heart misses a beat at the pain, toddler tantrums and days of consolation that may be needed if said toy should be lost or broken. We now have George the wood man as a firm part of the family. He arrived two days ago from nowhere (well, he kind of morphed himself out of a discarded piece of oak left from the door frame in our downstairs toilet of all places!). George now has a cosy place in the bedroom to rest his head at night, he has a defined bedtime routine (probably better than that of most toddlers I know) and he even joined us for breakfast this morning. The attachment bond is growing stronger every day now that James has diligently furnished George with a belly button and with some help from Daddy, he now also has a mouth created with a fine jigsaw blade. Who knows what bodily features may emerge next.

George the wood man