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Who was Angy?

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Edward Poole kindly sent me scanned copies of the letter that his mother had received from Angy Jones.

Angy Jones Letter
Angy Jones Letter

All of the details fit perfectly with the information that I have researched except the fact that Angy mentions that she is that last of the Jones’. The only thing that seems to make sense is that Angy’s maiden name was also Jones and she is referring to the fact that she is the last in that line. I did find one birth record for a Marian Jones where the mother’s name was also registered at Jones.

From the telephone directories I can see that there was a Mrs Melbourne Jones living at 34 Taylor Road, Wallington (the same as the letter) from about 1960-1983. Prior to that from about 1951-1959, there is a Mrs Melbourne Jones living at 28 Druce Road, Gipsy Hill, SE21. Can I therefore assume that Melbourne Jones died prior to 1951?

This jigsaw is very slowly being pieced together. I need a few more details in order to be sure which birth records relates to Marion Grace Jones and also to b able top locate a marriage record for Angy and James “Melbourne” Jones. Hopefully Mary will be able to reply with some of the questions that I have asked her.

A spanner in the works

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On further communication with Edward Poole today, he has found a letter from Angy who was married to a son of Elizabeth Jones (nee Scourfield). The only son that I do not have a marriage record for is James Melbourne Jones. This all fits with the information that Mary gave me in the phone call last week. Mary had said that Marion Grace Jones in the photographs was the daughter of Angy and her Uncle Melbourne. I had thought that Angy in actual fact should be Aggie but maybe it is Angy afterall. Edward also says that the letter indicates that Angy did not have any children. Very confusing just when I thought we were getting somewhere. Could the letter have been written before 1928 when Marion was born? Did James Melbourne Jones have more than one wife? The mystery continues.

Who lived in a house like this?

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A few weeks ago I wrote to the museum in Clare asking about this photograph:

Clare, Suffolk
Clare, Suffolk

I couldn’t quite decipher the handwriting and couldn’t find a good match on the internet. At the weekend, a lady from the museum wrote back and confirmed that:

“I can confirm that the photo you wanted identifing is of Lime Villa, 18 Callis Street, Clare which is still standing and the owner was most interested in your enquiry. It is a semi-detached house overlooking the greensward and facing up Callis Street towards the parish church in a south facing position. The back garden runs along the side of Bridewell Street to the north. It is the right hand house and was built on the site of part of the Old Vicarage which was pulled down in the 19th century with only the west end now remaining.”

I have found this additional information about the house:
“A house which was granted to the vicars of Clare in the 14c stood on the site of what is now 17-18 Callis Street. This house was demolished about 1910 to make way for two villas.”

Never overlook any clues

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I’ve been thinking these last few days about Marion Grace Jones, ever since Mary mentioned that she was her cousin and daughter of Mary’s “Uncle Melbourne”. This seemed to fit as I had found James Melbour Jones as being a brother of Mary’s father William Scourfield Jones. Surely these would be enough clues to put the jigsaw for this part of the family together and to put Marion Jones with the right part of the family in the photograph album.

Marion Grace Jones
Marion Grace Jones
Marion Grace Jones
Marion Grace Jones
Marion Grace Jones
Marion Grace Jones

Let’s see what records we can find, knowing that Marian Grace Jones was born on the 6th June 1928. Firstly, her death record:
– Marian Grace Jones died July/Aug/Sept 2004, Merton, Surrey

There are just a few possible birth entries for Marion:
– Marion Jones born April/May/June 1928, Pontypridd, Wales (mother Rogers)
– Marian Jones born April/May/June 1928, Holywell, Wales (mother Jones)
– Marian Jones born April/May/June 1928, Tynemouth (mother Crawford)

My money is on the Pontypridd record due to the subtleties in the spelling of her name. It is clearly spelt Marion on the back of the photographs even though her death entry seems to spell it as Marian.

I thought back to something that Edward Poole had mentioned during our recent correspondance about the Jones and Scourfield families. He mentioned that a Marion Jones had written to his mother telling her of the death of her mother Agnes Jones aged 94 and 10 months in June 1989 thefore making her born in August 1894. This seemed to fit as Mary had mentioned on the phone last week that Marion’s mother was “Angy”.
– Agnes Louise Jones died April/May/June 1989, Sutton, Surrey (born 14th August 1894)

Now let’s find James Melbourne Jones and see if we can find a marriage entry for him and Agnes.
– James Melbourne Jones born April/May/June 1880, Pembroke, Wales

This means that James would have been 48 when Marion was born and Agnes would have been 33. A marriage is likely to have occurred between 1910 and 1927.
– James Jones married Agnes Thomas Jan/Feb/March 1918, Llanelly, Wales
– James Jones married Agnes Davies July/Aug/Sept 1919, Bedwelty, Wales
– James Jones married Agnes Moran Oct/Nov/Dec 1922, Wirral
– James Jones married Agnes Simmons April/May/June 1924, Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire
– James Jones married Agnes Hill Jan/Feb/March 1926, Prescot, Lancashire

None of the locations or maiden names for Agnes seem to match any of the birth records for Marion/Marian Jones. There is a possibility that Agnes had a previous marriage and that her marriage to James uses her earlier married name as opposed to her maiden name.

Now I’m completely stuck. I can’t find James Jones on the 1911 census. Where to go from here?

A phone call from Suffolk!

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Last night I received a phone call from a nursing home in Suffolk. I was told that a lady called Mary would like to talk to me. At the time I had a house full of Mum and Dads to be so I arranged to call her back this morning.

When I called, I spoke to Mary. She had a stroke a few years ago and whilst it was difficult to understand her sometimes, she had lots of useful information about the Jones family and her life in Suffolk. She confirmed that her father was indeed one of the faces on the 1917 Wedding photograph taken at Flax farm. Four faces identified on this picture, four to go. Not bad considering that we didn’t know anyone just a few months ago.

Mary also said that the mystery Marian Jones was her cousin (daughter of her Uncle James Melbour Jones). This means that I can go and track down her birth record. Mary also said that Marian’s mother was “Angy”. Again I can go and track this down on the records.

I encouraged Mary to write down her memories in a letter so that she has more time to think about it. Mary also talked about her two sons, one who lives in Felixtowe and Victor the youngest who lives closer. I hope to hear from her again with more information.