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An amazing discovery

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One evening a few weeks ago on the phone to my Dad, he reminded me that we had taken a photograph of a photograph when we went to visit Ira and Dorothy Jones at the petrol station in St Clears during October 1986.  Sensibly, Ira and Dorothy had not wanted us to borrow the framed photograph in order to take a copy and instead we had taken what we believed to be a relatively crude photograph.  At this point, my Dad could not remember who exactly the photograph related to.

After some searching through photograph albums, my Dad managed to locate the photograph  and promised to bring it with hime when he came to visit in a few weeks time.

When my Dad arrived last Wednesday, he duly brought the photograph with him.  My notes on the back of the photograph and the text on the actual mount of the photograph confirm that the photograph was of Mr & Mrs Jones (James and Phoebe), Woolstone, St Clears and taken in 1884.

I sent a copy of the picture to my two family history contacts – Julian and Wendy.  Julian replied with the following:

“Well blow me! How interesting! Here is a pair of photogravure portraits that I inherited from my Father and which I had assumed to be my Grandmother’s grandparents. But as far as I can see from Helen’s photo my pictures have been taken from her photo! The poses and clothes look identical.

Father was never clear about who the pictures were of but they hung in his dining room for as long as I can remember. I thought they were Walter and Sarah Lloyd because of this other photos because of the number of children (3 girls and a boy) and the likeness of one of the children to another picture that I have, which I had assumed to be my Great-Grandmother.

I will bring photos of all of them to compare on Friday.”

How amazing to see such fantastic portraits of my Great Great Great Grandparents. It is also amazing that a photograph that we took back in 1986 has lead to names being added to pictures that could have remained uncertain forever.

When Julian arrived on Friday, it was good to see a pair of pictures that many previous generations of my family would have viewed in the 126 years since they were taken.  The portraits seem to be based upon some form of the photographic image but then enhanced with an acrylic or oil type paint as there is a fine texture to the surface of the image.