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Mary Crancher (nee Abbott)

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Back in 2002 I wrote to Mary Crancher (nee Abbott).  She is the Granddaughter of Agnes Mary Cullum (born 1901 in Chelsea, London).  At some point she emigrated to America along with her parents I would think.  Anyway, she did respond with a number of useful pieces of information:

More Cullum Photos!

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I recently made contact with Julie Lloyd.  She is the Granddaughter of my Great Grandfather’s brother John Cullum (confusing I know!).  Luckily we share equal enthusiasm for finding out more about this intriguing family that we are both part of.  After some initial groundwork and verification of facts, Julie started looking for the siblings of our Park House, Titchmarsh family to see if there were any living relatives.

One of James Fellowes Cullum’s sisters was called Dorothy May Cullum.  Through the records, Julie found out a little more about Dorothy May’s family and particularly the name of her Granddaughter and the man that she married.  I did a little further research and found a family with the same name living not far from where our Cullum family originate.  Julie tried to telephone them without success and instead wrote a letter.  Just a few days later she had a reply confirming that they were the right family and furthermore they had stories and photographs to share.  Julie paid them a visit this week and has added the following fascinating facts and photographs to our collection:

She didn’t now why Dorothy was listed as being born in Lambeth, whilst her brothers and sisters were born in Chelsea.

There was another sister called Marjorie Prudence Kay Cullum, she was born in the early 1900’s perhaps 1903-1906?  She lived only a few months and Miss Marshall the nurse came from Coulson Street to look after her. She was buried in  Titchmarsh Church yard and Dorothy said that she thought Agness Fellows mother could be buried close to the baby. The head stone for the baby had a lamb carved in it. I will go and search next week.

James Cullum, Dorothys father was against her marriage to George Sam Selby he said he was to old for her and on her wedding day, after the ceremony he said “now you have made your bed, you can lie in it” perhaps another reason he was against the marriage was because George has actually gone out with Agness Fellows before she got married to James himself

Dorothy had her honeymoon in London then lived in Lime Cottage East Road Oundle. George her husband worked at the Ironmongers in West Street and there only child George James Reginald Selby (Jim) was also born there. The dining room at Lime Cottage was used by a dentist and Dorothy was the nurse.

James Cullum (1852) Agness and all of the children would all go to Lilford Hall, to have dinner with Lord Lilford and they always had Venison and fresh Peaches. Lord Lilford would always say that AgnesMary (1901) was under nourished as she was very slim. Lord Lilford gave James Cullum (1852) a framed picture of himself holding a gun.
James Cullum did not get on with Cannon Luckock and when Betty (Elizabeth Lavinia Cullum) died James wanted an angel carved into her headstone but Cannon Luckock said no. James therfore went to the bishop of Peterborough where he was granted permission.

James (1852) and Agnes met at a wedding in Framlingham, she was a ladies maid to Lady Robinson who lived in Cranford Hall near Kettering. Nothing happened between then until James stayed at Cranford Hall to recover from an illness.

This is a photograph of my Great Great Great Grandfather James Cullum (born 1825):

James Cullum (born 1825)