Scourefield Success

I typed David Rowland Scourefield (one of the witnesses and the George Williams and Phoebe Jones marriage) into the search engine on a genealogy search engine. To my amazement, not only was he listed but there were also a couple of photographs posted by one of his relatives as well as a family tree which confirms that David Rowland Scourefield was a son of Nathaniel Scourefield and therefore a cousin of the bride Phoebe Jones (her mother Elizabeth being Nathaniel’s sister). Hoorah – I also think he is one of the faces on the photograph. He was born in the 1890s so I think there is only one candidate on the photograph that fits the bill. I have contacted the person that posted the photographs and can’t wait to hear back.

Hopefully 3 faces down, 5 to go! No bad for a photo we knew nothing about just a few weeks ago.

  1. Colin Payne says:

    Hello, the Nathaniel you are discussing below is my great grandfather that married Hannah Bowen, they had three children Douglas William and David I would be interested in discussing this further you have also made contact with my mother Shirley Payne at some stage

    Regards Colin Payne

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