Who was Angy?

Edward Poole kindly sent me scanned copies of the letter that his mother had received from Angy Jones.

Angy Jones Letter
Angy Jones Letter

All of the details fit perfectly with the information that I have researched except the fact that Angy mentions that she is that last of the Jones’. The only thing that seems to make sense is that Angy’s maiden name was also Jones and she is referring to the fact that she is the last in that line. I did find one birth record for a Marian Jones where the mother’s name was also registered at Jones.

From the telephone directories I can see that there was a Mrs Melbourne Jones living at 34 Taylor Road, Wallington (the same as the letter) from about 1960-1983. Prior to that from about 1951-1959, there is a Mrs Melbourne Jones living at 28 Druce Road, Gipsy Hill, SE21. Can I therefore assume that Melbourne Jones died prior to 1951?

This jigsaw is very slowly being pieced together. I need a few more details in order to be sure which birth records relates to Marion Grace Jones and also to b able top locate a marriage record for Angy and James “Melbourne” Jones. Hopefully Mary will be able to reply with some of the questions that I have asked her.

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