Show stoppers

Well, we entered the Monk Sherborne show a few weeks back. Adult categories entered included white potatoes, onions, chocolate cake baked by a man (yes a man!), shortbread and scones. James entered a potato print picture, tray garden and vase of flowers. Amazingly I won a second prize for the onions and James was the family star winning first for his tray garden and two thirds for his potato print picture and vase of flowers.

The shortbread recipe was a winner, however I cut my circle into eight rather than six as required on the judging schedule. At risk of losing the winning recipe, here is a copy for reference next time:

Women’s Institute recipe

225g (8oz) softened butter
115g (4oz) icing sugar
225g (8oz) plain or SR flour
115g (4oz) cornflour
caster sugar to dredge

Cream butter and sugar, then blend in flour and cornflour. Grease a swiss roll tin and press mixture in firmly. Bake at 150 degrees c (fan oven) for 40-50 mins until golden in colour. Leave to cool in the tray for 10 mins and dredge with caster sugar. Cut into fingers and put on wire rack to cool totally. About half this recipe was sufficient to make a round of shortbread.

I made my biscuit in the round by rolling the dough to about 1cm thick and cutting around it using a small plate. I rolled it directly onto the baking tray as this gave the neatest finish. I then used the end of a spoon to indent a pattern around the edge, scored the segments and pricked a pattern using a fork. The only problem is that it was difficult to remove the shortbread from the baking tray even when well greased. Next time I may try silicon paper instead.

Monk Sherborne Show

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